• joujete is named after my grandmother, Jamila, who has been hand-making these shorts for our family for over 30 years. This company exists as part of her legacy.

  • The word "Jameela" meaning beautiful written in arabic, with the meaning and pronunciation.
  • She began this family tradition because her older brother, the eldest of her 17 siblings, called complaining of a bad night of sleep due to his hot, uncomfortable pajama bottoms.

In August of 2020...

Lebanon faced devastation when a catastrophic explosion occurred in the port of Beirut. The small businesses which Jamila had worked with for so long, fabric stores, tailors, were at risk of shutting down. The country and its' people were facing conditions that threatened their survival and still do today.

Male wearing pinstriped joujete pants, and a t-shirt and blazer, while holding a few sunflowers.

joujete was born after the blast in an effort to source production completely from these small businesses, supporting the economy in the country, and raising awareness for Lebanon.

Two girls and a boy sitting on the floor side by side, all wearing joujete pants from the new collection.

Jamila went on for over 3 decades making the shorts purely out of her love for her family and her love of design and textiles.

Boy sitting down wearing joujete striped pants, while holding a bouquet of tulips.

Today, we make the shorts with the intention that you will feel comfortable and be yourself while wearing them. We also hope that you will feel the love of generations of a tight-knit family and become a part of ours.