Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for (washing and drying) my joujetes?

When washing use a gentle, cold temperature tumbling cycle, and air dry. Since they are made of natural fibre fabrics, joujetes may have low thermal resistance and must be treated delicately.

What fabric are joujetes made of?

joujetes are either cotton or silk. We try to use 100% composed fabrics, such as 100% cotton or silk. However, some fabrics may be a cotton or silk blend. We prioritize the quality, feel, and breathability of fabrics. 

What size should I buy if I am in between sizes on the sizing chart?

If you have looked at our sizing chart and gathered the you could wear either size, we recommend sizing up as we prioritize comfort and want you to feel your best when wearing joujete.

Why does joujete call itself an ‘ethical’ brand; what is joujete’s social impact?

joujete sources its production from small businesses in Lebanon, we work with a factory which pays its workers fairly and treats them ethically. Amongst those employed in the factory are Lebanese locals and refugees. Supporting the struggling Lebanese economy was our driving factor for starting joujete. Furthermore, joujete dedicates 10% of our profits to NGO’s in Lebanon which pledge to support children living in poverty. 

What makes joujete an eco-conscious brand?

joujete comprehends the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment and its contribution to climate change. Therefore, as a brand we pledge to constantly assess and evaluate our impact as brand and to try to reduce our footprint and waste production. One of the ways we do this is by shipping orders in compostable mailers. In addition, we use low-waste cutting techniques when working with our fabrics to try to reduce textile waste.